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I’m application security engineer @intertech. I’m a AWS Community Builder. I have been interested in all kinds of informatics for a long time. I realized that my interest in cyber security is quite high.

Hack All Day

“Hack All Day” is an independent organization that we have established with a friend. Its aim is to confuse individuals who want to progress in the cyber security. We try organize events, write blog posts and draw sweepstakes.

Seminars (I Taught)

Hacktrick’22 Conf - AWS Security Class
IEEE Beykent - How To Build Secure Login?
Beykent BMK - Cyber Security 101
Balıkesir University - Business Branches in Informatics
Muharrem Hasbi Anatolian High School - Cyber Bullying Seminar
Muharrem Hasbi Anatolian High School - Robotics Workshop Cyber Security Training